What We Do

As Optometrists, we diagnose, treat and help prevent diseases and disorders of the visual system, including eye related complications of systemic diseases. We help you see clearly and comfortably. We also assist in identifying general health conditions that at times may first show signs in the eyes, and can be detected during an eye exam. We work with primary healthcare team members to manage eye diseases, provide rehabilitative treatment and arrange timely referral to specialists. We are proud to be offering the following services at Chappelle Square Medical Centre.

Comprehensive eyecare for all ages

Routine eye examinations are important to ensure that your vision is clear, accurate, and comfortable, factors that will affect your daily function and quality of life. During a comprehensive eye exam your optometrist will assess your visual acuity and function, visual field, binocular vision and efficiency, determine your prescription for eyeglasses if needed, evaluate the tissues and structures of your eyes from the cornea at the front to the retina and optic nerve at the back of the eye, evaluate the pressure of your eyes, and counsel you on your visual and eye-health needs. Your optometrist will inform your primary care physician of any relevant findings or concerns.

When to get an eye exam

Babies should have their first eye exam between 6 and 9 months, toddlers and preschoolers should be assessed at least once between age 2 and 5, school-aged children should be checked yearly, adults every 2 years, and seniors yearly.

Children’s vision and eye health

It is not uncommon for parents to believe they would know if their child has a vision problem, however these issues can be hard to spot particularly if there is a problem in only one of the eyes. Did you know:
• 80% of learning is visual for a child
• 1 in 4 school-aged children has a vision problem.
• Children with vision problems are often misdiagnosed as having learning or behavioral disabilities.
• Children are often unaware they have a vision issue as they believe what they are seeing is normal.
• More than 43% of children who have a vision or eye health problem can pass a basic vision screening or sight test.
• The earlier an eye health or visual problem is identified, the more likely it can be corrected.
Eye exams are possible for infants and non-verbal children. During the assessment, we will evaluate their eye health, development of proper eye-muscle movement and alignment, and focusing ability. When a toddler is able to communicate, we further evaluate colour and peripheral vision, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and that visualization skills are appropriate for their age.

Medical and urgent eyecare

Medical and urgent eyecare Your optometrist is trained, licensed, and has the proper tools equipment to address you medical and urgent eye concerns. Optometrists in Alberta are able to prescribe topical and oral medications for eye conditions, and perform minor surgical procedures such as removal of foreign body from the surface of the eye. The Alberta Association of Optometrist recommends eye-health evaluation for the following:
• Patients experiencing eye pain, redness, or discharge of the eye or eyelid.
• Sudden changes in vision, or abnormalities like flashes, spots or distortions in vision.
• New headaches, painful or abnormal movement of eye muscles, dizziness or double vision.
• Monitoring for signs in the eyes of systemic health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, rosacea, arthritis and auto-immune conditions.
• Monitoring for side effects of systemic medication that affect the eyes, such as steroids, plaquenil, Accutane, and amiodarone.
• Injury or foreign object in the eye.
• Pre and post-operative care for cataract patients.
• Patients with family history of eye disease, or with particular risk factors for developing eye disease such as having high refractive error (strong eye-glass prescription).

Surgical referral and co-management

Your optometrist works with local specialists to make referrals and co-manage surgical cases where appropriate for conditions affecting the cornea, retina, glaucoma and cataracts. We also co-manage and evaluate candidacy for laser and other refractive surgical procedures.

Eyecare services covered under Alberta Healthcare

• Albertans of all ages have access to medical and urgent eyecare provided by an Optometrist. Patients referred for an eye exam by their physician for a particular concern are also covered, though referrals are not required.
• Children aged 18 and under are covered every year for routine eye exams.
• Seniors aged 65 and above are covered every year for routine eye exams.